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When You Were Pixels

When You Were Pixels (Syntax #0.1) - Julio-Alexi Genao

I should not have loved this.


I don’t like dystopias, or read much science fiction, or poetry. And I don’t like to read stuff that makes me cry. Usually if a story makes me cry I feel manipulated and ticked off.


When You Were Pixels is a heart-squeezing piece of poetry set in a futuristic dystopia. It is a love letter and a goodbye letter and an introduction to a world which will continue in future stories.


Full disclosure: I edited this for Julio, and read it eleventy-squillion times, because he is the fussiest writer who ever fussed, and he picked and chiseled and carved until he was satisfied. I saw this story evolve from a really good rough draft to this brilliant finished product—and I got the shiny eyes every time I read it.


I love this story. You should read it.